About RNA Connect

Welcome to RNA Connect, where innovation meets collaboration in the dynamic landscape of RNA therapies. Hosted by Phacilitate, a pioneering force in the cell and gene therapy industry, RNA Connect is a premier event tailored for senior leaders navigating the burgeoning RNA market.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, RNA Connect promises an unparalleled experience. With a curated audience, each delegate is strategically selected to foster meaningful connections and drive tangible outcomes. Our rigorous application process ensures that industry stakeholders converge to learn, collaborate, and propel the sector forward.

RNA Connect offers insightful workshops, immersive activities, and engaging content.

Join us at RNA Connect, where innovation thrives, partnerships flourish, and the future of RNA therapies takes shape. Experience the power of collaboration firsthand and unlock the potential of this transformative field. Together, let’s propel the RNA revolution forward.

Not your average conference

Stunning Location

It’s easy to understand why more than 17 million people per year visit Myrtle Beach. Beyond the iconic boardwalk, immerse in live music, dinner theaters, and diverse cuisines. Explore amusement parks, an aquarium, golf courses, and water sports.

Delicious Food

At Phacilitate events, we make sure that the food and drink on offer throughout the event is always five star! This includes unlimited teas and coffees, exciting alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails during networking and fabulous choices for lunch. Because who told you conference food had to be boring?

Enhanced Networking

Networking at RNA Connect isn’t another dull conference experience. Through interactive sessions, speed networking, and themed meet-ups, forge meaningful connections with industry pioneers.

Unconference Afternoon

A move away from formal conferences with attendees given the freedom to create the event they wanted. There is no pre-planned agenda – instead participants convene sessions on whatever topic they like on the morning of the Unconference, claiming a time slot and location.


Events can be overwhelming, and at Phacilitate we take wellness seriously. Start your day by finding your zen, meet new people and set yourself up for a great day

About Us

RNA Connect is brought to you by Phacilitate, a trusted name with a remarkable 20-year legacy in life science events, specialising in advanced therapies. With their unparalleled expertise and commitment to bringing your reimagined experiences focused on helping you connect, collaborate and learn, you can trust that RNA Connect will deliver unparalleled insights, networking opportunities, and tangible outcomes to support the development of your therapeutic pipeline.

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